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EGA has achieved outstanding results for customers in a wide range of markets, including Central and Local Government , Defence, ICT, Staffing and Recruitment, Transportation, Energy, Aerospace, Print and the Built Environment.

EGA Professionals will help you strengthen your relationships  with existing clients and work with you to cultivate new customers.

Whether you are:

  • Public Sector or a Commercial enterprise
  • Large or small
  • Buying or selling

We will work closely with your sales, marketing and development teams to identify your current market penetration and help you find ways to refine your techniques to capture a larger share.

We can guide you to better efficiencies in your operations, open up new sectors and help you manage projects to increase the probability of success and achieve better results with lower costs, less effort and shorter timescales.

EGA will provide you with the tools you need to win more business and help you to create high quality, compelling tender responses that will put you ahead of your competitors.

Support can be provided at any stage of a contract or project lifecycle, whether it is pre-contract, award and implementation or ongoing business.

EGA has developed a unique understanding of business requirements, delivering results that continuously improve performance, simplify processes and reduce costs.

Our Mission

EGA has achieved outstanding results for customers in a wide range of markets, including governance, staffing and recruitment, facilities management, defence, IT, document management, aviation and the built environment.


EGA strives to enrich our client’s experience by aiming to exceed their expectations, not just through our deliverables, but through a solid working relationship that brings long term benefits.

Our culture is to provide a stimulating, flexible environment for our employees and encourage team working whilst recognising the individual.

We take our commitment to quality, health and safety and the environment very seriously. We have a comprehensive set of policies and practices in place in accordance with government standards and best practice guidance.

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Business Development

"A sound organization aiming to withstand competitors never stops
business development, but engages in it as an ongoing process."
Luis G. Batista, President of LMT Corporation.

Business Development

Small to medium-sized companies often do not establish procedures for business development,  assuming that because they know people this will solve any business-development issues and that somehow new financial transactions will come to them. This is likely to result in no new sales in the pipeline.

For larger, well-established companies business development often refers to setting up and managing strategic relationships and alliances with other companies. In these instances the companies may leverage each others’ expertise or technologies to expand their capacities for bringing to market new businesses and new products.

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Our services include:

  • Assessment of marketing opportunities and target markets
  • Intelligence gathering on customers and competitors
  • Advising and drafting sales policies and processes
  • Formal proposal and presentation management and writing
  • Account planning and performance monitoring
  • Proposition and campaign development

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Bid Management

EGA’s professionals have a high success rate in winning contracts with central government departments, district and county councils, charities, NHS Trusts, management organisations, housing groups, partnerships and public associations. We have achieved National and Regional framework status for several large and small businesses.

Our professional bid writers have the experience you need to win more business, working with you to prepare high quality, compelling tender responses that will put you ahead of your competitors.

We are specialist in winning public sector work and can help in the management and creation of your tender responses, associated documents and bid library, ensuring compliance with the customer’s requirements and your company’s value proposition.

We can increase your success rate by showing you how to:

  • Find invitations to tender
  • Understand the procurement process and what buyers are looking for
  • Clearly articulate your unique product or service offering
  • Develop your skills in writing winning tenders
  • Produce and integrate key qualification documents and policies
  • Obtain vital references and case studies
  • Submit multiple bids within the timescale
  • Manage consortium bids and coordinate your supply chain
  • Analyse outcomes for continuous improvement

EGA can tailor a service to suit you, enabling you to utilise your own skills whenever possible but with flexibility to use us on or off site as required to fulfil requirements for you.

Our service ensures we develop a close understanding of your business and gives you the confidence that we are focussed on your priorities. Ultimately, a well connected and perceptive bid produces the best results.

Through our Bid Management Training, we are also able to help your team win more business by teaching them how to develop winning words, themes and plans, structure and format bid documentation and manage and co-ordinate winning bids.


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Project Management

Project Management

Many of our clients find that they cannot always provide the focus and time to deliver projects effectively and as a result, suffer additional costs through poor planning and implementation.

Managing projects well increases the probability of success and leads to lower costs, less effort, shorter time, more valuable relationships and the ability to continuously develop your business.

We have extensive experience managing and delivering successful projects for our clients. Our service focuses on the three main elements of a project: time, cost and quality, and provides a comprehensive structure for managing all three, including:

  • Providing expert advice
  • Setting objectives and a defined scope
  • Supplying crucial resources where and when required
  • Providing a structured process for managing risk
  • Tight control of project expenditure and cost management
  • Management of communications
  • Management of sub-contractors and suppliers
  • Performance measurement through key performance indicators

Working in collaboration with our clients, EGA regularly delivers projects on time, on budget and to specification.

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Commercial Management

The Institute of Commercial Management (ICM) defines Commercial Management as
"The identification and development of business opportunities and the profitable management of projects and contracts, from inception to completion."

Commercial management is the management and administration of contracts made with your customers, vendors or partners and may include negotiating the terms and conditions and ensuring compliance with them, as well as any changes that may arise during a contract’s implementation or execution.

Our specialists provide commercial management services on a full time, part-time or ad hoc basis at any stage of a contract or project lifecycle. Whether you are a government department or a commercial enterprise, regardless of size, whether you are buying or selling, at pre-contract, award and implementation or business as usual, we can help you with:

  • Terms & Conditions
  • Commercial relationships
  • Negotiation
  • Risk management
  • Commercial administration
  • Contract administration
  • Processes and procedures
  • Training
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